Friday 5 — Childhood Indulgences

This week’s Friday 5 assumes that most of us haven’t quite completely grown up or at least occasionally do childish things.

1. When did you last have a mid-day nap?
That would be last Sunday afternoon. It’s a nice time to catch up a bit on sleep over the weekend.
2. When did you last have milk and cookies?
While I was home in Indy for Thanksgiving, my mom got out ginger snaps and milk.
3. When did you last have a bubble bath?
Probably when I was a kid…haven’t had an official, proper bath in forever. Showers, though, all the time.
4. When did you last jump on the furniture?
Again, when I was a kid. I know I’m really too big to jump on furniture cause I might cause breakage.
5. When did you last play in the mud?
My brothers and I went to a friend’s the Friday night after thanksgiving and his brother-in-law had shot a deer early Saturday morning. We went off tracking it through the mud, bramble and fields…never did find it.

Natural Beauty — Sunset

Here’s a couple views of the sunset last night. Just beautiful!


Christmas is Coming

And now that it is after Thanksgiving, that means I’ve pulled out the Christmas music to listen to on my computer. At 1090 tracks, my Christmas playlist is a full seventh of my entire library (and I suspect I’m probably missing some to include). That’s about two and an eighth days worth of music without repeating individual tracks.

I like to use the Party Shuffle mode in iTunes so I can tweak the upcoming tracks but still be in shuffle mode. Of course there are many of the same Christmas song by different artists and groups, so I try to keep them from being back-to-back. But even if they aren’t, no big deal.

Some of my favorites are from the Indianapolis Children’s Choir (where my siblings sing), The King’s Singers, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and The Cambridge Singers. I also enjoy the early American, Renaissance, and Medieval songs. Probably my favorite Christmas song is Carol of the Bells — I count fifteen different versions in my iTunes— like this rendition by The Bird and The Bee:

What’s yours?

Snowflakes from Barkley’s cool Make-a-Flake.


Running Back to Pittsburgh

Finally got my posts updated. Getting on the road in a couple minutes so I might get a bit of sleep before work tomorrow.


Tracking and Touching

My brothers and I hung out at my friend’s farm last night and woke up this morning to the news that his brother-in-law had shot a buck down in the field, but it ran off. We were enlisted to see if we could find it. After a couple hours early in the morning they stopped for breakfast and then we all went out to take another crack at trying to find the buck. It had crossed over two roads and over a couple fields, through some woods and probably into a wetlands. We never did find it.

On our way back, we stopped in at the Apple store so my brother could get the USB power adapter for his iPhone replaced. I went so I could put my hands on the new Macbook and Macbook Pro. I’m liking the new ‘button-less’ trackpad, even though he doesn’t quite like it. When I get around to being able to upgrade, I’m probably going to pick me up one of those Macbook Pros.


Friday 5 — Over

Friday 5 this week is on things that are over-this or over-that.

1. What’s a profession you believe to be overpaid?
Just about any union worker tends to be overpaid.
2. Who’s a musician you believe to be overrated?
Errr, about any rapper? I’m not really quite of the opinion that rap is quite music.
3. What in your life could stand to be overhauled?
How I spend my time when I’m not at work. Tend to be doing stuff online like blogging or other social media things.
4. What’s something interesting you recently overheard?
I can never seem to remember what I overhear other people say.
5. Who is the most overextended person you know?
Ummm, I can’t think of one in particular though I’m sure there are several who could be listed. I feel pretty overextended myself.

I’m Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a few things I’m thankful for:

  • My car that lets me get back and forth from work and my apartment as well as home to Indianapolis
  • My family
  • All my friends in Pittsburgh and Indianapolis
  • My job that helps pay the bills and that I learn new things every day

Hope your thanksgiving was a good time with family and friends.