State Fair

Last night and the night before I went to the State Fair. Tuesday, I went with my next two younger brothers. We looked briefly through the 4H building, the commercial exhibits building and the home and family arts building. They have made a lot of improvements to the 4H building and newly remodeled the Boy’s Dorm wing where they have put a lot of the exhibits. We also checked out the exhibit that TCM created and I found a few pieces of art that I really liked in the youth art exhibit just next-door. Tried out the leg ‘o lamb sandwich from the Indiana Sheep Producers booth and a fried twinkie, which tasted much like a doughnut.

Yesterday, Craig Calkins and I met and looked at a few things I hadn’t seen the day before. We looked at the professional and amateur photography exhibits in the Home and Family Arts building. There were a number of really, really neat photos. One was of a wedding party taken outside the State Museum and while I hadn’t taken a good look at the people at the time, I suspect it may have been taken one afternoon when my brother, sister and I were training for the bike trip (we had biked down to the State Museum on the trails). We also looked at the Ag/Hort building and the Our Land Pavilion.

One of the cool things about the fair is that I find that I run into people that I know, every time I go.


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