Computer trouble

I’ve been working for the last several weeks to fix my high-end PC and set up a Gentoo Linux computer to act specifically as a firewall. My PC was running okay for a long time but when I got back from the International Conference, it was locked up. In the process of working on it, it stopped even POST-ing. I can’t even get into the BIOS to change settings. It just does this beeeep—beeeep, over and over until I turn it off. According to things I found, it is a memory problem. But I don’t want to check the memory stick with my other Linux box because that is how I can access the Internet and I dont want to risk having trouble with that computer too.

So working on my firewall computer I keep getting DMA errors when trying to install the OS…I have no idea what the problem is with that. I’m thinking about finding another hard drive and see if the one I have is messed up. Its possible, all the parts are ones I got from the computer club at ITT for free.

Pray for my computers…I don’t need another one to die on me. =(


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