The drive home from work this morning was quite the adventure!
It had started to snow before I went to work at UPS, but when I was finished 5 hours later, there was 7-9 inches of snow on the ground. Once I got my car cleaned off, I attempted to get out of my parking spot…I could only get backed up and turned out of the space. (They hadn’t gotten the parking lot cleaned off yet) When I tried to go forward, I moved only a few feet and got stuck. I backed up and tried again, but no farther. One of my friends was right behind me, so he got out and pushed my car until I could get going. It was still slow going, and to get anywhere, I drove in 3rd or 4th gear so I wouldn’t burn up the engine.
I probably should have waited for my car to warm up more because shortly after I got out on the road, my windshield fogged up and I couldn’t see. I decided to take 465 around because it might be cleaner than 86th street. So, I get onto 465 and I can’t see any of the lanes. I’m being passed by trucks (which make it near impossible to see, remember I have foggy windows) going 55-60 in the snow and I am doing my best to stay on the road without running into anything. Before too long, I make it the 7 miles to Keystone Avenue, my exit. To my suprise, Keystone isn’t too bad.
I get onto 86th street, and just one lane each way is cleared, kind of. It really isn’t that bad, but when I get to Manderley (my street) I see just a set of tracks going down the street. So I pick up a bit of speed and try turning onto my street. And I only get about the length of my car. After backing in and out a few times, I eventually got somewhat stuck. A sypathetic guy stopped and helped me get backed out and after trying again a couple times, he suggested going over to the other side of the intersection and try straight across. I was able to follow the tracks down our street and made it to my almost-cleaned-off driveway.
Whew! I sure hope I don’t have to drive in that much snow for a loooooong time.


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