Men hang out their signs indicative of their respective trades:
Shoemakers hang out a gigantic shoe;
Jewelers a monster watch;
and a Dentist hangs out a gold tooth;
but up in the mountains of New Hampshire,
God Almighty has hung out a sign to show that there he makes men.

-Attributed to Daniel Webster regarding the “Old Man of the Mountain”

3 Responses to “Signs”

  1. 1 Nirmala
    January 31, 2005 at 18:31

    Cool! We lived in NH until I was 6. I have some vague memories of going to see “The Old Man of the Mountain”. Very beautiful!

  2. 2 Michael
    January 31, 2005 at 21:57

    I saw this on a sign there at the park near “The Old Man of the Mountain”

    The whole area was really beautiful. It’s too bad that the rock formation that was the Old Man fell not too long ago from erosion.

  3. 3 Eric Filson
    January 31, 2005 at 23:19

    Love the quote!

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