Visiting the Art Institute

Got up about nine, met Dad and drove down to Pittsburgh to visit the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. We found a parking space in the garage across the street and visited the gallery while we were waiting for Sally Cruz (the admissions person I’ve been working with) to get done with a class down the street. They had a number of displays related to the Beatles, digital, fine art, sculpture, etc. For fun there was a computer system with a Cintiq display and Painter.

The front desk people left a message and after I’d filled out an info sheet, she came down and met us in the lobby. Today was also a preview day for enrolled students, so there were a lot of people there as well as tours, doughnuts and coffee, and lunch. So while the crowds were headed to lunch, we took a tour of the building.

We visited the TV studio, the 24-track recording studio, numerous computer labs (both PC and Mac), and art labs. They also have a fairly nice library and a place you can check out equipment to borrow for doing projects. The top floor is a culinary school, while there are also a machine shop, a woodworking shop and even a makeup studio. Basically, if the project has anything to do with media, the school has the capability and capacity to accomplish it. Most of the computer labs have current, or near current computers. The main floor has a gallery in the lobby, a student lounge, art supplies store and a deli. Since they moved into the building in 2000, things probably were freshly remodeled, so everything looks current. Very nice.

For lunch we went to both floors where they were serving since both lines had been pretty cleaned out. There was enough between them, though. We talked and answered questions over lunch then worked with Brooke in Financial Aid to get what we could taken care of while I was there. All we needed really was to get a couple forms signed and then print out the FAFSA SAR report.

Said goodbye to Sally and then got in line to trolley over to the school sponsored housing. Since it was full when we got there, we had 15 minutes to wait. I hadn’t taken pictures on our tour, since Dad had the camera so I ran in and took a bunch. We took the tour of the dorms/apartments. They are either a hotel room style (with a kitchen) or a one-bedroom with a dining room space. One of the girls was gracious enough to let the tons of people look through her one-bedroom apartment so that prospectives would have some idea what they look like. The dorms look as if they’d be a possiblility, but we’ll see. Parking is expensive.

Basically, I’ve enrolled and applied at the Art Institute. I’m looking pretty seriously at the online program, since then I don’t have to move out to Pittsburgh for at least the first quarter or so. I’ll be starting the next quarter – July 11.

We drove back to Geneva and had dinner with John Buchmann (the student I’d been staying with). Hung out in his room with his roommates and watched Enemy at the Gates. Got to bed at a reasonable hour after finishing my post about Friday.


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