Visiting Geneva College

Yesterday dad and I left about 2:30AM (after I got home from UPS and packed) and drove to Beaver Falls, PA where Geneva College is located. We arrived about 9:45AM (PA time) and I got checked in. Dad took my car and went up to Mercer, about an hour away to visit a Capital Machine customer.

I stayed on campus and did a number of things. First on the schedule was a convocation (which was also the chapel for the week for the students). Two of the singing groups, Reflections and New Creation, sang a few songs. The only one I recognized was called Down to the River (you can hear it on the O Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack). After they were finished singing, Pastor Backensto spoke warning the prospective students that the music isn’t necessarily going to always be like this but acapella Psalms are quite common.

Next was lunch. While I was in line, Rachel Cypher (my admissions counselor) found me…apparently, she’d been looking all through the line and was about to try making an announcement to find me. I overheard her talking to one of the other admissions staff asking if he’d seen me, and I’m like, “He’s standing right next to you…” =) She had set up an appointment with Lynda Lambert (the art professor who is also the liason with the Art Institute). Lynda was headed home soon so I would miss her if I’d gone and spent the half hour or so that lunch would have taken. I guess she’s not usually here on Fridays either. But I was able to catch up with her and spend a few minutes talking about where I am, what I’m thinking about doing and such. Basically, she agreed that transferring to the Art Institute looked like the best route at the moment for speed of getting things done. And to get credit for things I’ve already done. She did mention that AIP would probably want to get me to stay the full time and finish there, but I’ll see. We did confirm that my ITT credits do not transfer to Geneva (asked at the registrar). Lynda gave me her email address to be able to let her know about what I find out from AIP.

After finishing, I headed back to see if there was any lunch left. Nope. At least neither of the lines that were set up specifically for the prospective students were stocked. They’d put things away already. Rachel had suggested coming down to find her after I was finished anyway, so I headed downstairs to the Admissions office and met her there. She brought me back up and so I got to try out the food that students usually have in the cafeteria (or whatever they call it here). I didn’t think it was too bad, but then I’ll have just about anything.

I caught up with the rest of the prospectives at a student panel (they were answering questions about life, the campus, etc.) and then sat through a ‘sample class’, a Bible 300 class taught by Terry Thomas. It was mostly about having something on the inside and not just going through life being empty (I actually took some notes, so if you want to see them, ask). Next was a number of different options…each of the different departments had a 45 minute session about their majors and what they do. You could select ~2 from the different choices. I took a tour of the campus during the first 45 minutes, and even though I’ve been to the campus before, I hadn’t really gotten around to see what things are like. I hadn’t been in the dorms or apartments, or visited the library, but now I have. I took a few pictures with my 35mm camera on the way.

After I had completed the tour, I talked with Rachel and Bryan (who’s Rachel’s boss) for a bit re:my meeting with Lynda and such. Then I went over to the Communication Department’s session and the last ten minutes of the Music session. Somewhat informative about what they do and what I’d have to do to be involved with the various music groups on campus.

I met Dad for dinner and then found the student I’d be staying with Friday and Saturday nights. We hung out and talked for a while, watched Gone in 60 Seconds, and then went and visited with some other students in another room. Came back eventually and got to bed.


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