Arrived in PA!

I’ve made it to Pittsburgh in one piece. After packing the entire day on Saturday (When I should have left closer to noon), I finally left at 5:55 pm (EST) toward Pennsylvania (and I have a picture to prove it). Though you should definitely read the disclaimer about not being completely accurate on the map web sites. I did accidently take an exit onto I75, but got off at the first exit (about a mile) and merged back onto I70 where I was supposed to be. Once I got off the highway, though, I think I missed a turn or something, but after going down 19 for a while, then taking some road (I don’t remember which) over to 8, I found Red Belt (or Bakerstown Road). I drove past my destination and stopped at a parking lot two streets further on to call Mr. Metzger to see if I had gotten completely off or what (And to check on the Mathews phone number as I’d tried earlier and had a wrong number). Headed back and a couple minutes later I arrived at the Gibsonia Study Center about 1:30 am (ET) with a relatively uneventful trip. Mrs. Mathews met me and opened the door so I could get in. I unloaded pretty much the minimum (about half) so I could get to bed and be able to dress for church. Got to bed about 2 am.


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