First week of class

Well, I was thinking about making a blow-by-blow account of each day, but I’ll just summarize to make things quicker. =) Attended North Hills RP with the Mathews (my neighbors across the parking lot). Sunday happened to be their fellowship lunch, so the church sent me home with some leftovers, which I was able to spread over most of the week. Thanks!

Since my first class wasn’t ’till Monday evening, I spent the afternoon scouting out the area and finding some of the important shopping locations (you know, grocery, Target, Sams Club, etc.) while aquiring some necessities. Made it to my first class without mishap even though I couldn’t get my ID created as the person in the library that does IDs had left for the day. IMD234 (Computer Based Training) doesn’t sound difficult…I just have to come up with something to use for a unit of learning that isn’t too complex.

Tuesday was more exploring in the Wexford/Cranberry areas looking for Costco and to see what other stores were in that area. On Wednesday, I had my next class, IMD232 (Interactive Authoring III). We’ll probably be working on some flavor of team project since the class has more of a focus on the production process.

I spent Thursday vacuuming the rooms since it looked like they hadn’t been done for a while. Then I went out to Sams Club to decide if I wanted to purchase the 20 inch LCD display they have. I ended up getting a 19 inch Samsung (same brand as the Sams Club monitor) at Best Buy. When you are only spending $15 per inch instead of $27 per inch, just to get a one inch larger screen, it’s just a bit too much of a premium. Even though it would have been nice. I can use the amount I saved on getting other things like supplies and software.

Friday is my early day. I have CC110 (Drawing) at 8am. Trouble is, that since I live about 40 minutes away and I’m heading downtown at rush hour, I had to leave at about 7am…and I was still 20 minutes late. You have to keep in mind though, that I have to get up about 6:15am to be able prep and leave on time, but that 6:15am PA time is 5:15am IN time. Not too far from the time I’ve been getting home from UPS. Anyway, drawing class should be interesting as we’ll be covering an overview of the different aspects, from still life, to figures, black and white, to color. Afternoon is IMD233 (Web Site Development). We’ll be using Dreamweaver to build a web site. I’m thinking about using some part of the church member’s site for this, since I was planning to work on it sometime anyway…seems like a good excuse to me.

There was a class on “Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Divinity of Christ,” Friday evening and this morning, held in the sanctuary part of the house I’m staying in, so I decided to attend. Really interesting stuff, and useful if I ever run into a JW. This afternoon/evening, I ran over to Prizm Artists Supply to get some things for drawing class and got a few other things for food supply for next week while I was out.

Since I kind of let things hang in my last post, I decided to take a few minutes before I go to bed to catch up. Plus, I don’t have always-on Internet and I’m using my cell phone to connect, but the battery only lasts so long. So, until next time…



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