Thoughts on my first quarter at AIP

While this was my first quarter attending classes at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I had taken classes over the summer online. It was an interesting experience moving to a new place, meeting new people and trying to find my way around. I like most of the instructors that I’ve had so far who teach Interactive Media Design classes. They seem to know what they are talking about. =)

Gratefully, I received A’s in each of my classes. I was kind of wondering a bit about one of the classes since the grade hadn’t been posted until a couple days after the other three.

It’s fun to stay in a big house by myself, with a bedroom of my own and no distractions except the ones I make on my own. If you’d like to see some pictures I’ve taken of my abode (and a bunch of other stuff) look at my gallery. Nonetheless, I do feel a bit lonely since I’m used to a much fuller house. =)

I have found it difficult to really get to know people at school. It’s not really that much of a suprise to me as the Art Institute is a commuter school and I’ve gone to ITT which is also commuter. People tend to get to school for class and then leave soon after. Plus, my trip is about 35 minutes without traffic and near an hour during rush hour. I am glad that I am in classes with several students from my other classes so I hope to get to know them better.

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