“Dessert and Devotions”

When I was over at Dr. and Mrs. Spear’s for lunch on Sunday, Mrs. Spear mentioned that the Filberts have a weekly get-together and devotion/fellowship for students. I was able to locate their contact information and also confirmed with Nathaniel that such an event did indeed occur. After finishing a re-editing job on some content for the Tsunami project, I decided to go. Particularly because of Mrs. Spear’s encouragement.

The Filbert’s house wasn’t hard to find. After I parked, I walked there with Beckah as she was headed there and was walking by just as I was got out of the car. Since their house is within walking distance of basically anywhere on Geneva’s campus it is a great opportunity for some to “get off campus” and just spend some quality fellowship with others. I was glad to get to know some other students a little bit and to officially meet the Filberts. I’m fairly sure I’ve met/seen them before, but I don’t remember for certain. I plan to try attending these as I am able.


1 Response to ““Dessert and Devotions””

  1. 1 Johanna
    March 1, 2006 at 09:22

    who is Beckah?……:)

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