Interviews today

As of this morning at 9am, I had 2 internship interviews scheduled for this afternoon. At 9:06, I got a call to say that the person at Droz and Associates I was going to meet with wasn’t going to be able to be in to work today, so we will have to reschedule. I was sort of glad, because I then had an extra hour to work on things before the second was scheduled at 3pm.

About 2:37, I headed down to walk to the Blattner Brunner building, about 4 blocks away along the Boulevard of the Allies (which the Art Institute is on). I made it to their fifth floor office around 2:50…a bit later than I was hoping, but not too bad. After speaking with the receptionist, she gave me an application to fill out. It took a while to fill out (I hope I remembered enough information). Something like 3:15 Aaron, the Senior Art Director, came out to meet me and begin my interview. After speaking briefly, I showed him my portfolio on my computer. We discussed and answered questions about each other and shortly Aaron left. Jonathan, who is a recent Art Institute grad and an Interactive Designer, came down to also look at my portfolio.

Both were easy to talk with and I didn’t feel too nervous (I tend to, for things like this). I actually suprised myself by thinking up questions to ask them about their company and such. All-in-all, the interview seemed to go quite well. I guess I should hear in the next couple weeks as they have some more people to interview. Blattner Brunner seems to be a good place to get experience and find out more how the design field works.

3 Responses to “Interviews today”

  1. March 10, 2006 at 00:54

    Hey, Michael,

    I just thought I’d leave you a comment… not that I really have anything worthwhile to say! Um, glad your interviews went well… I’m sick right now, so I’m not feeling very creative with my words (*cough* – see! :-)) have a lovely day!

    (your bike trip buddy! hehe)

  2. March 10, 2006 at 13:22

    That sounds like a cool place to work. If you would get the job, what would you do??? I don’t know a whole lot about graphic design, So I would be interested in what that would entail.

  3. March 11, 2006 at 01:00

    I’m not completely sure what I’d be doing, but my guess is I’ll probably be building websites or flash interfaces and elements to sites. At the very least, some portion of the site. Fortunately, many of the internships that are available through the school are paid. So that will help.

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