I was reading through some friend’s blogs and noticed that one was listening to a piece from Eastmountainsouth. So, the next day when I got to school I looked through the iTunes Music Store to see if it was there. Lo and behold, it was there so I previewed the CD and decided to purchase it.

If you like Nickel Creek and others similar, I think you’ll like Eastmountainsouth. The duo formed in Los Angeles, CA, but Kat Maslich is from Roanoke, Virginia and Peter Adams is from Birmingham, Alabama. Their music flows from their country/folk roots, but with a touch and influence of more modern styles. I’ve rated the tracks like this:

  1. ●●●●○ Hard Times
  2. ●●●○○ Winter
  3. ●●●●○ Ghost
  4. ●●●○○ Interlude
  5. ●●○○○ You Dance
  6. ●●○○○ So Are You to Me
  7. ●●●●○ Show Me the River
  8. ●●●●● Rain Come Down
  9. ●●●○○ Still Running
  10. ●●●○○ All the Stars
  11. ●●○○○ Father
  12. ●●●○○ Too Soon
  13. ●●●○○ The Ballad of Young Alban and Amandy
  14. ●●●●○ Mark’s Song
  15. ●●●●○ On Your Way

On the iTunes Music Store, the CD is listed at $6.99. Much less than the typical CD at $9.99 and certainly cheaper than buying all 15 tracks individually.

It looks like the two of them has gone their separate ways, but nonetheless this disc is still pretty good.


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