What’s with weird weather?

Today was gorgeous! First time I’ve worn short sleeves in a long time. =) It was about 73° and mostly cloudy for the majority of the the day. I was inside most of the afternoon and evening for class, so I didn’t notice whether it rained. When we left school the ground was damp, but it wasn’t raining. By the time we got to the bridge it had started dripping and it was coming down pretty steady before I arrived at my car…so I was fairly wet. Oh, well. It’s just water.

I went through the thunderstorm on my way home, with cool lightning and everything. Someday I will get a good photo of lightning. It’s supposed to be 34° tomorrow and snow!? What’s with that? And I was just getting used to it being a nice temperature.

My second internship interview seemed to go well. Droz & Associates is a quite small company of about 9 that specializes in marketing and branding. While this internship isn’t a paid one, I would probably learn a lot. It appears they focus mostly on websites and print layouts as packages, so I’d probably be involved with both. I met with their web guy and even got to meet Mr. Droz.

At this point I’ll proably hear from both companies in the next couple weeks.


5 Responses to “What’s with weird weather?”

  1. March 14, 2006 at 01:02

    The forecast today on Cincinnati radio stated that “right now” (sometime around 10 AM) was 70º, but to expect flurries in the evening.

  2. March 14, 2006 at 01:06

    Just looking at the Droz website and the profiles of all of the employees, and I was struck by two things:
    • Of ten people listed, do they really have only three website developers?
    • What will they do for the employee-profile links when they have two people with the same first name?

  3. March 14, 2006 at 15:24

    •It’s quite possible they only have 3 web developers. Too many cooks can spoil the soup.
    •I would guess that they would add the first initial of their last name to the link to separate them.

  4. March 16, 2006 at 18:58

    But why would they need seven people to support three web developers?

  5. March 16, 2006 at 22:47

    I’m sure they have other parts of the design process that they work on.

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