I finally got my hands on Stealth. It was actually due yesterday but I thought it was due today because I typically stop at the library on Tuesdays (it’s one of my days off from going to school) and DVDs can only be checked out for a week. Oh, well.

Anyway, the movie is about three Navy pilots (politically correctly diverse – a white guy, a black guy and a white girl) who fly for this black-ops type stealth squadron. When their planes get approved and assigned to an aircraft carrier, they are joined by an AI UCAV – a computer driven plane. Their problems begin when the plane is hit by lightning, the computer gets scrambled and it decides to do things it shouldn’t on its own.

While the reviews aren’t too positive and on one level I tend to agree. The story is fairly thin and dialog isn’t that strong. I, however, thought the effects for the film worked quite well. I primarily wanted to see the movie because Digital Domain did some of the CG effects using their version of Terragen. They looked pretty good to me. Plus, I thought the designs of the planes were just cool. I may buy it, but only after I can find it used for relatively cheap…I’m not going to pay full price. =)


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