Looong day.

My Thursdays are usually long, but today was worse than usual. Partly because this is the next to last week and there are so many things that have to be finished before next week. So, they let us stay in the school’s labs till 11pm (instead of 9:45). The other reason is that I’ve got a morning class that is supposed to start at 8am (I got there at 8:15 cause I was up late at school last night) and a night class that starts at 6pm. And rather than run home and back, I just stay at school over the afternoon and try to get assignments done.

And even with the 14 hour day, I don’t feel I got much done…I don’t know why. We were able to nearly finalize the pictures for the Tsunami Project. And I did have a meeting mid-afternoon to discuss and try to jump-start this project I’m going to be helping with next quarter of redoing the websites for the Allegheny County libraries. The one assignment that I’m sort of stuck on is coming up with designs for Alien Adventure v2. Plus, I have 3-4 documentation packages I have to start/finish for next week. It’ll be a busy week.

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