Spy Kids 3D: Game Over

Overall, I think the first of the Spy Kids movies was better. Nonetheless, I’m encouraged that major films are able to address good, clean subjects instead of being only about sex and violence. The themes that are put forth in this film are the importance of family (and your community), that revenge is not the answer, and teamwork.

In Spy Kids 3D, the Toymaker has created this virtual reality game that is designed to trap the minds of the kids who play it and thus be able to use the kids to take over the world. Carmen is trapped in the game and Juni doesn’t really want to go back to work for the OSS. But with just 12 hours to find Carmen, shut the game down and save the world, he decides to get back in the action. The advantage of making the movie about a kids game, the CG graphics don’t have to be quite as realistic which in turn makes them easier and quicker to develop. At the end, they call in everyone we’ve met from the other films to defeat the final challenge.

I certainly wouldn’t buy the movie, but borrowing it from the library was okay.


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