Public transportation

This week I have final projects due…the last week of the quarter. I decided to try to get to the Student Council meeting at noon and to try riding the bus down because it would give me some time to sit and think designs through.

I got to the Park and Ride lot where I usually ride the bus and got ready to leave. A few minutes before the bus was due to arrive, I got out and waited. Just about 10:10 (the bus was due at 10:11), the bus drove through the lot and didn’t even stop. Another person got out of his car after the bus had left and came over. We thought it was going to turn around, but a couple minutes later I saw it turn onto Route 19 on its normal route. The guy who was also waiting, offered to take me with him downtown, so I rode with him, his dad (who drove) and Lily their dog. =) I was wearing my red jacket, so I really have no idea why the bus driver missed me.

If they weren’t there, I would have just driven down myself and parked as usual, but I decided to be different today and I’ll be leaving in a few minutes to try to catch the bus back.

I needed to talk to the instructor regarding stuff for my Thursday class. So, I didn’t get down in time to catch the 8:10pm bus, so I worked on some stuff in the lounge intending to try for the 9pm bus. About 8:30, my friends came by on their way out the door and one offered to drive me back to Wexford (where my car was). And since I thought it’d be a good opportunity to chat and get to know her better, I took her up the offer. It was a nice ride. Stopped by Target to look and got home a few minutes ago. I’m going to try to finish something and get to bed so I can be up early tomorrow and finish several things that are just not quite done.


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