Domain Outage and Classes

Sorry if you haven’t been able to get to my blog today. It’s not exactly an outage, but a disconnection/misdirection. I had to change the password on the site that I use to dynamically update the domain to point to my computer at home. But I didn’t update it on the computer so that it could automatically update to the current information. I tried a few times over the day to get ahold of someone at home who could tell me what the address is so I could log in an fix the problem. I finally just got it corrected.

I’ve been to two of the three classes I have at school this quarter so far this week. One more tomorrow afternoon. Intro to Programming is just a basic JavaScript class, hopefully I’ll learn some new stuff. Computer Based Training 2 is a continuation of the Instructional Design Theory class I had last quarter. I just have to finish the project that we put together the information. Tomorrow is Interactive Telecommunications and the Library website project. I hope we can figure out a bit more of what is going on there.

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