Garden State

I’m going to have to watch it again. And I hardly ever do that unless I own the movie.

While the movie, Garden State, is aptly rated ‘R’ for language, drug use and a scene of sexuality, it is one that has kind of gotten me thinking. Yeah, I know, “Thinking?” Quite a shock. But you never know, wierder things have happened.

Anyway, back to the movie…it’s about a guy that comes home for his mother’s funeral, but he’s kind of zoned out in general. Along the way he runs into *the girl* and spends most of the time with her while he’s home. Over all, he is just looking for meaning and purpose. And seems to find it with her, even with her quirks. …I’m rambling…

I had started this a long time ago so I’m not sure quite where I was going with it…perhaps I’ll remember when I watch the movie again.


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