Cool and Clear Skies

Thursday and Friday were the ARP Presbytery’s meeting here at my place. It seemed to go well, but I generally stayed out of the way so it’s hard to know for sure. I’m trying to keep up with my online class, but it’s difficult without the book and an always-on Internet connection. I should get the book soon, as I’ve bought it from a fellow student who has already used it and was selling it. Hopefully it is either in the mailbox now (which I don’t think it is cause I’ve already checked the mail) or I’ll get it Monday. Plus, they just switched to a new platform for the online classes and it is a bit different from the previous. Improved, but still could be better.

I’ve gotten a few things done today, but not as much as I’d have liked to. Maybe it’s because I’ve done pieces of different things and not completed stuff. The Buhl Planetarium Flash site is fixed up and I’ll be giving my updated copy to them on Monday. I had to go to the library to download the update to Flash because the newer version messed up the navigation. All better now. Well, I am going to go do the dishes…and maybe to a party a friend invited me to. TTFN

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