LibraryThing Mobile

I’ve decided what I am going to do for my Interactive Telecommunications class. I’m going to make a program which lets you work with you LibraryThing catalog on your cellphone or handheld (still have to decide which there…I’d prefer cellphone). For the class we have to create the piece in Flash, which is fine, but my cellphone doesn’t do Flash. Oh, well. I’ll have to test it with someone elses phone then. =)

While, you could just go to the website and browse it, I’m thinking this would be cool so you could download your current information and have it available. Maybe even be able to update information on the phone. The only difficulty right now is I don’t think there is XML or API access to the LibraryThing catalog. Perhaps I’ll figure something out. If not, I’ll just make a local demo on my own site and test it that way. Hopefully, I’m not making this too complex to be able to accomplish.


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