Stuck/Dead Pixels

I learned something new yesterday. For about the last week, I’ve been enduring one green pixel that was stuck on my 19″ LCD I have connected to my PC. So, I decided to google and see if there were any tools or suggestions to be able to fix the problem. A stuck pixel will just be stuck on red, green or blue. If a pixel is dead it will be off or black. Apparently there are some tools out there that can help repair them, but this site gave a simple suggestion that worked for me.

  1. Take a clean/damp cloth
  2. Press lightly on the display where the stuck pixel is
  3. All done (okay, so they have other steps, but this is what I did and it worked fine)

I guess what this does is redistribute the liquid crystal and convinces the one pixel to get back to work. There is another way which involves using a video which repeatedly cycles through red, green and blue, but seems to take significantly longer.


1 Response to “Stuck/Dead Pixels”

  1. 1 bekah
    April 24, 2006 at 09:43

    Wow thast cool that you got it fixed.

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