AJAX and Ruby on Rails (etc.)

Nope, this isn’t about the cleaning stuff or a facinating new setting for the red colored gem. It’s more tech stuff.

One of my classes this quarter is “Introduction to Programming.” Not something I really need. This class covers JavaScript, which I’ve gotten to know fairly well through other sources. So, during the class, inbetween paying attention, spending a few minutes to do the assignments before leaving and taking the quizzes (which half the time have at least one wrong answer/question), I have been researching AJAX and Ruby on Rails.

Both of these are relatively new to the Internet. The technologies behind AJAX have been around for a while, but only recently have they been widely available to use. AJAX is commonly described as Asynchronous Javascript And XML. AJAX is what makes Gmail seem so much like a program you run on your computer and also why it only has one page. Everything is loaded into the same page.

Ruby on Rails, on the other hand, I’m still trying to figure out. The language has been around since 2004, which makes it very new. But I have to find an application I can use it for so I have an excuse to learn it.


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