Yeah for DSL!

Finally! After six months of limping along by only being able to get online using my USB cable and my cell phone for two hours at a time, I now have DSL. I know I probably could have had it early if I’d asked, but I was hoping to do a couple things. One, save money. I’m already paying for online service on my cell phone anyway, so why not use it. Two, perhaps wean myself a bit off of the Internet. That’s not so likely, but it was worth trying.

My push this time was because I’m taking an online class, and I wanted to be able to get on and spend the time working on the class without the worry of having to wait for my phone to recharge. Now I don’t have that problem any more. At least for now. Sure it is only 128K, but even in the few minutes I’ve been using it, I’ve found the connection to be faster than my cell phone. I can always upgrade if I need to (and decide I can afford it).


1 Response to “Yeah for DSL!”

  1. 1 Bekah
    May 1, 2006 at 17:09

    Yeah! Its soo nicer!

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