I love ads

Okay, I admit. I really like to watch advertisements. The new Apple “Get A Mac” ads are some of the funniest and best I’ve seen in a while. These are similar to the Switch ads from a few years ago. The ads star an older guy in a sport jacket as “PC” (probably to represent the idea that many WinTel users are business people) and a twenties/college-type guy as “Mac” (probably to represent the ‘cool’ artsy sort of people who are thought to use Macs). Check out the “Better” ad in particular, quite funny.

I also collect Hummer ads, but I mentioned that in an earlier post.


1 Response to “I love ads”

  1. 1 ali
    May 21, 2006 at 13:46

    those are funny, i didn’t know there were so many, i had only seen about two.

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