Summer Break’s Over =(

Well, what there was of it. Only had three weeks, and those went by way too fast. At least I got to work at TCM and say hello/goodbye to most everyone I know there. I’m going to turn in my CBT2 project tomorrow and I still have a couple things to finish before it’s basically fully functional. (That is, except for more than one planet to choose from).

Survived my first week of classes of the summer quarter. I have a web development class/database class (which I think I’ve gotten a test-out for the database class, but I’m not completely sure yet), a speech class, a basic video class and a copyright law class (which is online and doesn’t start for a few weeks).

The instructor for the speech class is quite dynamic and seems to connect with us well. While many in the class might not have liked it, during the first class he spent a lengthy period of time calling roll and memorizing our names. We also did an exersize of telling the class of a recent significant purchase and what it tells about us. Not only did this allow us to get a better idea about who is in the class and what our different interests are, he used it to highlight how the different items could easily be a take-off point for something to discuss in a speech. Generally, I’m not going to worry too much about this class, even though I know I’ll have to do some work and prepare for things.

Since the video class is an early quarter class, most of my fellow classmates are 2nd quarter, though a few are 10-11th quarter. We watched a couple examples of past student’s projects while going over the syllabus, then got our hands on the Panasonic cameras the school has. They seem to be okay, but I guess even what little I’ve used, I’m somewhat spoiled by Eric’s cameras. =) At this point, our final piece will be a 2 minute video on whatever we want. So, I have to come up with the outline for next week. And as much as I know the amount of work that goes into a video, I don’t want to invent something too big. If he decides we have to work in groups, the video length will have to be 2 minutes per person working in the group. Any ideas?


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