The Interpreter

Wow. I sure didn’t think I was going to like this movie. I had borrowed it from the library because it looked kind of interesting and I thought I had remembered that one of my brothers said they had liked it. Finally got to watching it tonight because it’s due tomorrow (and I had to go do my laundry and I like to take a movie to watch while I’m waiting for things to finish at the laundromat).

The Interpreter is a complex story, which is one of the reasons I like it. Roughly, the film is about an interpreter at the UN who overhears a conversation that lead her to believe that a soon to arrive African president (from a genocide striken country) was to be assasinated. The Secret Service agent called in to talk with her find out is trying to figure out whether she is involved in the plot or just looks suspicious because she had grown up in that country. The ending is a bit of a suprise, but I really think it works. It certainly isn’t the “happily ever after” ending that we generally expect, however it leaves us with closure.

It would be awesome to be able to come up with a similar type of story for my video I have to shoot for this quarter. I’m still looking for a good idea.

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