Nickel Creek and other stories

This week I received both an email and a MySpace bulletin from Nickel Creek announcing that they are planning to go on hiatus for an ‘indefinite period of time’ beginning the end of 2007. While, I’m sad to see them suspend their band, I am glad they are going to be working on other projects on their own. And getting back to a sort of normal life instead of running around the country playing shows. I’m anxious to see what Sara is going to come up with as she is supposed to be working on a solo album. Chris and Sean both have several albums, so this is Sara’s first. I plan to try to get to either their Lafayette or Goshen shows as they occur during my break at home. Probably the last I’d be able to see them.

On Tuesday, I did one of those things I always feared I would end up doing…I locked myself out of the house. =( I was trying to get the trash out so I wouldn’t forget it again, and I didn’t grab my keys. The door I use doesn’t get unlocked from the inside like ‘normal’ doors, so I ususally just almost shut the door and it’ll open when I’m ready to go back inside. This time, the wind must have had enough force to push it completely shut and thus I was locked out. To make things worse, as I went around the house looking for an alternative entrance, I got stung by a yellow jacket. At least that’s what I think it was. And my neighbors were gone, too, or I would have just asked for their key. I did discover a window I could open and was able to treat my sting. Its still itchy though. I suppose they take a while to heal.

Gave my informative speech on What is Terragen on Wednesday and spent Friday (when I should have been capturing my video so I can edit it) helping one of the tech guys at school attempt to determine why Dreamweaver 8 doesn’t properly connect to the MySQL database there at school. Saturday afternoon I captured all the remaining video so hopefully, I’ve got everything and I can get it all edited down tomorrow and Tuesday. Still have to decide on the soundtrack and I know I’ll need to get voice over (unless I choose to make it a ‘silent’). So this week will be a busy one. =)


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