The last few weeks, okay, month.

So it’s been about a month since I’ve posted something here. I know, I know. But, I’ve been really busy. I was home on between-quarters break the last two weeks of September and starting the first of October, began the new quarter. Went to a wedding in Chicago on the 7th, drove home for Sunday, back to Pittsburgh on Monday. I have almost all my classes on Tuesday, so that means all my assignments have to be done by Monday night. And that’s hard to do while driving. =( Doing okay with my online chemistry class, just have to make sure to get things done on time. World Literature is kind of fun…certainly different, but I enjoy the instructor (had him for Speech last quarter). My opinion might change once we get to the first quiz, however. =)

While home on break I worked most of the time at the Children’s Museum programming a new show called Celestial Maps. It is a companion to the temporary exhibit on maps from National Geographic but it is designed so that it can stand alone along with the other shows we have. We had things ready in the nick of time as the company we have used to get our slide film developed in the past decided that at the end of the month they were changing how their business worked and so were no longer going to process slide film. =( After a few changes made due to the president’s opinion, I think it was ready for opening yesterday. I may have a few adjustments to make when I’m home for Christmas. We’ll see.


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