Post Quarter Partay

Some of my friends from school invited myself and a few others to a party to celebrate the end of the quarter. They cooked up a turkey (that Josh was given at Thanksgiving) and we contributed in different ways. I brought rolls…though getting them ready was a bit of an experience. =) If I had purchased the rolls earlier than just that afternoon it wouldn’t have been an issue, but since they were frozen I had to thaw, allow them to rise and cook them. All in 3-ish hours. The instructions recommend 4-6 hours. Oh well, they came out fine.

After dinner we made gingerbread houses out of graham crackers, standard royal icing and candy. Here is a photo of my A-frame, complete with tree, walkway and mailbox:

My A-frame gingerbread house.

Apparently there was to be a contest, and mine and Rachel’s won. Here’s another picture of the disaster we made.

Gingerbread houses

Then we played ‘Mexican train dominoes,’ a somewhat more complex version of dominoes, but fun nonetheless.  I enjoyed getting to know my friends a bit better in a different context besides school and in class.


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