Freezy, Breezy, Crazy Day

Well, today has been a lesson in patience, trust and willingness to ask for help. I guess I’ll start at the beginning. I was ready to leave this morning to head to school and meet a fellow student for a tutoring session, when he called and said he wasn’t able to. No big deal, that way I can get a couple things done, leave about 10 and get to school an hour before the Student Council meeting. After finishing printing out the sign-in sheet and other things, I packed up and carefully made my way across the icy parking lot to my car.

Given that it was 3-4F, I waited for the glow plugs to warm the engine up so I could start the car. It was fairly rough starting and in the process reset the in-dash clock (kind of strange). Sure I expect it to be a bit troublesome to start in the cold, but it was worse than usual. I headed to the library to drop off a couple items I had out and then on to school. However, I only made it around the corner and to the bottom of the hill. In shifting, somehow the engine had stalled. I went to restart the car and…nothing. The motor turned over, but didn’t really even try to start. Tried a few more times with the same result. A couple passing drivers stopped to help push me to the nearest driveway so the car would be out of the way and off the street.

I figured I’d wait a few minutes and try again. Nope. So I walked back home to get the phone numbers for a few places and to ask for advice. Went back to the car and gave AAA a call. Waited for 20 minutes to talk to someone and ended calling back after the transfer just rang for 5 minutes. Finally got through and a tow truck showed up about 1pm. We tried the battery boost box, to see if that would help start the car. Still nothing more than the engine turning over and battery dying again. The driver didn’t want to come down the driveway because he was worried that his truck would slip, jackknife and damage my car even more.

He wouldn’t winch the car either, as his truck would block the street and he ought to have police officers stopping traffic (and for non-emergency calls they were an hour away). After talking to his boss, his best suggestion was to try salting the driveway and call again. If I remember correctly, salt doesn’t do a lot of good when it’s so cold.

Rather than stay in the car and freeze even more, I walked back home again, this time taking my stuff with me. Made a cup of hot chocolate and something for lunch to warm up (my feet were really cold). Talked to AAA to see about getting them to ‘extricate’ my car, I was hoping they would be able to coordinate with the police and towing company, but all they could do was suggest to put salt down (and see if the sun might melt the ice a bit) then call around 8pm after traffic had died down.

One of my neighbors came over to make sure things were ready for a meeting tonight and I asked if she had some salt and/or sand to put on the driveway. We found some salt in the basement here and a bit of sand in her garage. After she graciously drove me back to my car, we put down some of the salt and sand to see if it might help for the towing company. She took me home and I called AAA a third time to see if they would be able to try again. This time, at least, they called me once the truck arrived (I’d seen the truck and started walking back). It was a different driver, with a bigger truck who didn’t seem too worried about the driveway. So we shortly had the car towed to the repair place that I’ve been recommended*. I’d somewhere along the way talked to one of the pastors to get the address and he had offered to pick me up after they had towed my car. Since the shop is across from the grocery store, I shopped for a couple items I remembered I needed and awaited a ride back home.

Now I still don’t know what’s up with my car. I think it’s either the fuel froze/gelled and/or the battery died. I’m pretty sure the battery wouldn’t have caused the engine to stop in the first place, but I think I killed it while trying to start the car again. I spoke with my next-door neighbors and I’ll be able to borrow one of their cars so I can get to class tomorrow (Thank you so much!). I know that God has something I need to learn from today, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened. I’m trusting that my missing two meetings and a tutoring session, plus my entire afternoon when I could have been working on class projects (though I did start reading the third book for American Lit.) is for the best. I should hear from the shop tomorrow.

*An interesting place in itself. The towing people won’t take vehicles actually to the garage because the driveway is a fairly steep hill and they must have had trouble with ice and such in the past. Instead, they leave the cars in the grocery store parking lot across the way.


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