I Thought Winter Was Over

I kind of wish the weather would just stop teasing us and stay spring.

Well, it’s been more than a month since I’ve written here. Not that I haven’t tried to sit down and write something, it just hasn’t come out. A lot has happened so I’ll just hit the highlights.

February 9 — Got my car back. I had been able to borrow friend’s cars while mine was in the shop. The timing belt had broken. I thought it was probably the fuel had gelled, but it wasn’t.

February 13-14 — My first snow days ever! School closed Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday. It took easily an hour and a half to get home on Tuesday. Didn’t do much but work on projects and such.

March 2 — Eric Filson came out to do some location scouting for a video. We went out to dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack and I gave him a quick tour of AiP, Pittsburgh and the place I’m staying at.

March 5ff — Not sure if I got everyone this week, but I went through the list of people I’m tutoring this quarter and found that I’ve helped nine out. Most needed help with basic Flash, a couple with Director and one with web.

March 10 — Went bowling with North Hills RP. Scored 90 and 92…I’ve done better, but not too bad.

March 11 — Daylight saving time. =( Not only do we have to switch our clocks…it’s three weeks early this year.

Today — A guy came to candidate for possibly being a church planter for Grace Ministries. I think he’d probably do well, we’ll see how things go.

This next week I have to finish up my SMIL project, the blurb and marketing information for American Literature, and complete the documentation for Senior Research. I’m going to try to get some sleep now, cause I may not get a whole lot the rest of this week. =(


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