Art All Night

This weekend the church had a retreat at the property, so I stayed with friends in Oakland on Friday night. I helped with Open House at school Saturday morning, then went to the Y to hang with Student Development at the Pool Party (but since I’d forgotten a swim suit, I didn’t swim). I decided to head to see what Art All Night was all about.

Each year for the past 10-11 years, the town of Laurenceville has been host to an event they call “Art All Night.” It is quite the concept. An open and free show, run by volunteers, and any artist young or old may submit one piece for display. The show lasts the entire night and many local bands and musicians play throughout the evening. One of the clubs at school has the goal of being involved with volunteer projects and this was one of them, however, apparently I was the only one who offered to help. While I didn’t actually volunteer (I guess I felt too timid to just step up and figure out how to help out), perhaps if I’m around next year I might help.

I saw several fellow AiP students, but only a couple who I knew (one photo student and Heather and her husband). I wandered around through each of the three floors, looking at the wide variety of artwork.

Art All Night 3rd floor

The rooms were all marked either child-safe or uncensored (I think they used another word, but that’s what it was). There were a fair number of mature themed pieces. Sculptures, paintings, clothing, photography, drawings, collage, beads, glass, and just about anything else you can think of, someone had submitted to the show.

Here are a few examples of the ones I found interesting enough to photograph.

Butterfly Sculpture

Sailboat painting


And in most of the rooms the walls were chalk boards, so all sorts of people added their bit of art and participation to the exhibit…even if the weren’t exhibiting.


So around midnight-ish I ran into Heather Mallak, her husband and another Heather who’s at AiP, her husband and friend. I hung out with them for a while and I was thinking of leaving as I’d looked at all the art when they invited me along to get a drink and talk. I said, “Sure, why not?” The only thing otherwise I’d be doing would be going to bed and sleeping, so I joined them. We went to a nearby bar and played pool. After 3-4 games I kind of got back into how to play, then it was 2 and time to leave. I enjoyed spending some extracurricular time doing other things with people I know, good times.


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