Summer ‘Break’

I’m not sure I want to exactly call it break, as the only days I spent really resting were Monday-Wednesday of the first week. After that, I was busy with this and that project. During the end of the first week, Eric and Craig were out to shoot the Kids Sign Psalms project for Crown and Covenant. Initially they weren’t going to need my help, but the one guy who was helping for the first day had to leave so I continued in his place. Mostly, I just helped set up and move the jib around for each take, but also started playback of the track so the kids could follow along. Saturday, we went to the Seminary to shoot the teaching portion of the video in the rare books room. It was a bit cramped and got warm due to the lights and having to turn off the A/C so the fan wouldn’t run while recording. I ran the mixer board. When we were finished, the Gordon’s took us to dinner/lunch. Afterward, we went to a park and just rested in the sun for an hour until we needed to leave for the showing of The Broken Road at Covenant Fellowship Reformed Presbyterian Church.


The showing went well, though there were a smaller number than I had hoped would be able to be there. Eric and Craig stayed with me, attended North Hills in the morning and then went back to Indy so Eric could finish off the movie.

I drove back to Indy on Tuesday or Wednesday (I forget) and met Eric directly at the studio because he was going over the film and wanted fresh eyes to see if there were any significant items that needed to be corrected. Over the rest of the week I ended spending more overnighters at the studio than I have in the last couple quarters combined. This was mostly due to Guy needing to use the editing system during the day.

The last week of break, I spent most of the time working at The Children’s Museum, helping to get a new planetarium show ready for opening on August 18. The new show is one which we licensed/rented/something from a planetarium in Boston called Far Far Away, The Worlds Of Star WarsTM. It is going to be very, very cool. With actual clips and images from the films. I got the video clips edited together and my boss and I started going through the digital images to prepare them for conversion to slides. We also worked on figuring out what special effects and Digistar effects we were going to be able to use in the places the script called for them.

Twas a busy break, but at least I didn’t have schoolwork to do as well! =)


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