Nickel Creek in Cleveland

Since Nickel Creek has decided that they would take some time off after the end of 2007’s tour, I wanted to be sure to see them in concert once more. I worked it out with Eric to meet him there in Cleveland…a six hour+ ride from Walton and about 2.5 hours from Pittsburgh. We arranged to stay the night at the house of a friend of mine who recently graduated from the Art Institute.

I did okay getting there, except that I turned the wrong way on I80 because I was following the reverse directions. =( It was threatening to rain and we didn’t grab chairs or a blanket to sit on, so we just stood. The venue is set up similarly to the concerts at Conner Prairie, but a smaller scale and with a number of permanent seats under a roof.

We arrived about 20 minutes after opener Glen Phillips started, but we didn’t completely miss his portion of the concert. It was great to hear him live after only hearing his recordings. About 9:00, Nickel Creek began playing. Lots of fun, they played most of the favorites off their albums and I think they have gotten better with practice since I heard them last. I really enjoyed listening to them play. It was also a good time to get to know my friends a bit better.

Well, since I’m graduating in the middle of September, perhaps I’ll be back in Indiana when they are scheduled to play again in Bloomington. =)

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