Podcamp Pittsburgh 2 Day One

Okay, so I should have written this yesterday…I was really excited to be involved with Podcamp this year. I’d ended up missing it last year (I think I was doing an open house or something as a student ambassador). While I didn’t end up going to a session at each time slot, I did sit in on several. Heard about how some companies are using blogs. Learned a few useful hints on how to keep posting going. Got suggestions about merchandising, even just for a small blog, from SpreadShirt.
I overheard, but didn’t participate in, the discussion about bacn. Essentially, it’s email that isn’t quite spam. Stuff you want, but not necessarily this instant. A great idea. Spread it around! =)

Made all sorts of friends. Starting to feel a tiny bit more comfortable in social sorts of settings, but still have to work on the walk-up-and-introduce-myself thing. Enjoyed hanging out at AiP, at Bossa Nova and then at Affogato (even though I forgot to grab my camera for Affogatto so the last of my photos are from Bossa Nova). Took 123+ photos since I’m borrowing my dad’s camera for class this quarter. Here are a few random examples:

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Sorry if some of these photos came out a bit blurry, I was accidentally using ISO 100 for a while until I remembered that I had changed it for a previous shoot.

Well, if I’m still in town for the next time, I’m definitely coming again. Might even drive back just for the experience. Maybe I can get a bunch of people together and run something similar in Indy?


1 Response to “Podcamp Pittsburgh 2 Day One”

  1. August 20, 2007 at 14:44


    Thanks so much for coming to PodCamp Pittsburgh 2! It was great having you there, snapping away like crazy. (Nice to see a guy who enjoys his work, and thanks for all the very cool photos!)

    I hope you met some cool people, and if you didn’t get a chance to introduce yourself around, now you can keep track of everyone through Twitter, etc. (As long as all the bacn doesn’t interfere with graduation…)

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