One Week Left

I suppose if there were any time to panic, now would be the time to freak out. But I’m not planning to. I know that I have about four days to have the assignments complete for my classes, and probably about 2-3 weeks worth of work on various aspects of these projects that really should be done to complete them. Nonetheless I’ll carry on and get as much as I possibly can finished. Worst case, I’ll just throw my current images and things into the design I have from my Associate portfolio to turn in something for grade.

Well, today is “Labor Day” so, I’ll be laboring all day on my portfolio. I want to get to Half-price Books (Since they have a 20% off sale going on), also should get to the hardware store to scope out some ideas I have for my Portfolio Review display. I’ve spent some time thinking and sketching ideas – by hand and in 3D Studio…I like to visualize what things might look like before getting too far into the actual development.

Portfolio Review Display

Any thoughts? Now I just need to check on the materials to see how really feasible this is. Plus, I should go clothes shopping and probably another hundred other things, have to see what I can get to.


1 Response to “One Week Left”

  1. September 5, 2007 at 07:52

    Hey! Congrats on being almost done! As Brad Johnston says… “Finish Strong” 🙂

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