Google Reader Updates

I read yesterday on the Google Reader Blog (posted by some feed, don’t remember which) that they’d added some new features. I’d tried refreshing a few times and didn’t see them. Things like search (uh…Google, why wasn’t this there from the start?), better loading indicators, hiding the sidebar, and probably others I’ve forgotten.

But today, when I went to read my news and other feeds the new features were there. They must have taken some time to populate. Another thing I noticed, and perhaps I’ve just missed it before, but the logo doesn’t have the ‘beta’ tag on it now. At least I think it was there before…it’s still marked ‘labs’ though.

Anyway, Google Reader is really the best feed reader out there I’ve used. And I’ve tried several before. The biggest thing I have against most is that you have to wait for the app to check all the feeds, then you have to click on each one to read the latest information, rather than having a stream of everything new to scroll through (Though SharpReader does this and was my primary reader till I found Google Reader). Another advantage of Google Reader is that it is mobile phone accessible. Handy in some cases, like mine, where I don’t have broadband and I’m not always able to get online but can use my phone.


1 Response to “Google Reader Updates”

  1. September 7, 2007 at 04:50

    I just started using Google reader yesterday. I was using NewsFire, but as far as I know, it wasn’t as friendly with iPhone.

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