Right On Cue

So, the drive in my Powerbook seems to have died. I say it happened right on cue because all my projects were due today, plus I’m graduating so my portfolio CD is supposed to be done as well. I normally leave Mail.app up to check messages but sometime early Sunday morning I found it complaining about not being able to open the .mbox file for one of my accounts. So after letting it retry a couple times, I told it to quit. After waiting awhile, everything seemed to freeze up. I decided to power it off. But then it wouldn’t start back up.

I tried several different options to see what might have happened. First, I started the computer from the Tech Tools Pro DVD and tried running the various tests on the drive and it seemed just fine. I figured that perhaps attempting to use the Disk Utility that comes with OS X might work so I put in the install/restore disc that came with my Powerbook. It started up fine and attempted to do a repair, but came up with a message that Disk Utility couldn’t repair it. Then I tried Single User Mode, which boots to the terminal command line. After typing in fsck -rfd /dev/disk0s3, it returned with an error that said that “Block 2 didn’t contain an MDB or Volume…” It seems that the superblock that defines how the drive is laid out was damaged.

My Google research brought back that a program called Data Rescue II was the only thing that could repair the error. But I finally got ahold of my instructor who had a copy of Disk Warrior. He was able to run it on my drive and my computer was able to boot back up. Though there is now a folder that has about 140MB of files that it didn’t know where to put back.

I did have most of my portfolio and class files backed up on my PC and also on my fake iDisk. But I hadn’t backed up the stuff I’d worked on Thursday through Saturday. So I’m glad that everything is back and for all the prayers to help get things back. I’m guessing that I am going to have to get my computer sent to Apple and also replacing the drive soon.

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