Graduation and the Rest of Life

Since I last wrote, a lot of things have happened. First the hard drive in my Powerbook was able to be recovered with Disk Warrior, but only temporarily. Long enough to make it through Portfolio Review, but the next Sunday the drive really died. At least it doesn’t show up any more in Disk Utility to even be scanned. So, I took the computer to Mac Outfitters to see if they knew of anything helpful to try. They didn’t, but I went ahead and bought a 160GB drive to put in. I’ve been wanting a bigger drive anyway (as I had been down to 3-4GB available). The next day I set up an appointment at the Apple Store to see whether there was anything different they could do. Their best option is to send it to Apple Repair and they would replace the logic board (or motherboard) and the hard drive (they quoted me about $300). Unfortunately, if I were to send it to them there would be no possibility of attempting data recovery or anything on the drive, since they would keep the drive.

So, I’ve installed my new 160GB drive and put the old (probably dead) one in the box until I can get a chance to see about recovering stuff off of it. Fortunately I have all my school files and freelance files (though I’ve found a few sites that the local version is old), as well as the downloads I’ve purchased and saved. The things I’ve lost include my photos, notes, some calendars, and other documents. I’ll make do, but it would have been nice to have all those items.

Graduation or rather Portfolio Review went well (the graduation ceremony will be in December). I couldn’t have done it without help from one of my friends, but I was able to get a display set up. Haven’t gotten photos yet, have to bug another friend who I asked to take pictures for me. The three of us in web/interactive media interviewed with Wall to Wall Studios while we were there. I think the guy next to me interviewed with another company as well. I have another interview scheduled with Wall to Wall tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes. As I’ve said earlier, I’m planning to look in the Pittsburgh area, but if I don’t find anything after a reasonable period of time, I’m going to move back home to Indy.


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