Happily N’Ever After

I love the library. I’m sure I might have mentioned this once or twice before. On Tuesday, I picked up four DVDs and two books. The shortest movie of the four was Happily N’Ever After (and yes, the length is what made my decision to watch it first). Anyway, on to my comments.

Happily N’Ever After is a Cinderella story with a twist (or two). An animated story set in “Fairy Tale Land” the wizard in charge of keeping the scales of good and evil balanced and ensuring that each story has a happy ending goes on vacation. While he’s gone the wicked step-mother seizes control and turns everything to the bad side. The Prince is quite the dunce and Rick, the prince’s page, is in love with Ella but clearly has his work cut out for him as she’s besotted with the prince (as it is ‘supposed’ to be according to the story). Together with the Seven Dwarves and the two assistants to the wizard, the three set back toward the castle to defeat the wicked step-mother and set things right.

The story ends the way you might think, but not quite the ‘traditional’ Cinderella way. While clearly not a major award winner, the computer rendering of the sets and characters are fairly good, though they kind of skimped on the characters. Overall, fun to watch but definitely not a ‘to buy’ movie. Glad I just borrowed it from the library.


1 Response to “Happily N’Ever After”

  1. November 3, 2007 at 14:18

    Ever After is probably my favorite Cinderella movie, and I thought you were talking about that at first, and I was like, “Hmm, it must’ve been a *really* long time since I’ve seen it.” 🙂

    I’ll have to check that out though. Sounds fun.

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