The Thief Lord

Watched this movie last night/early this morning…however you want to calculate it. The summary on the back compares it to Harry Potter, but I’m not convinced. Especially after watching it and having seen all the Harry Potter films previously. Sure there’s a bit of magic, the story revolves around children, and it is set in Venice which certainly is an ‘exotic’ place. But that’s really as close as the similarities as it gets.

The movie is about two orphaned brothers who are trying to keep the younger of the two from their rather nasty aunt and uncle. They escape to Venice as it was the place their mother was going to take them someday. The aunt and uncle hire a private investigator to locate them, but the kids eventually end up befriending him. After trying to get/considering stealing a cough remedy for the younger boy, the two run away from the shop owner and are rescued by the “Thief Lord”. They end up staying with the Thief Lord (who isn’t quite what he seems) and the rest of his young group at an abandoned cinema theater.

They are hired to steal the last piece of a magical merry-go-round. The merry-go-round has the ability to make children older, if ridden forward, and adults younger, if ridden backward. The rest of the story is how the kids end up with the piece, continue to evade capture, some ride the merry-go-round and end up in a happy family.

Another movie I’m glad I borrowed rather than spent money on, but it was still fairly good.

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