Retreat, Relationships, Reflection

This weekend (as I mentioned yesterday), I was at the college retreat held at the church-house I used to live in up in Gibsonia. Being some distance away from the city, it was nice to not be concerned with work or projects or life events for a bit. About 60 attended from Geneva, Grove City, Penn State, CMU, Duquesne, IUK and Ball State.

One great thing about retreats like this, is a chance to see, talk to and catch up with people I’ve met before, but haven’t seen for a while. I was also able to meet a few new people. I’m still working on the ‘stand in the corner and hope people will come talk to me’ syndrome. I guess I need to make a more concerted effort to just walk up to people I don’t know and introduce myself. Once I get past that, conversation seems to go okay (though I know I need to work on asking questions, too).

The subject of the retreat was faith and I was challenged to be more trusting and bold in life situations. One portion of the time was set aside for reflection on how our lives are going and what we need to do about it. I’ve not sat down to think about where I’m going or what I’m doing for quite a while now. It always seems like I’m too busy.

One fun highlight was Saturday evening, we went on the (now traditional) hike/walk to Yonder Knoll. About half of the group hiked and slid down the steep hill along the back of the property. In the cold. And the dark. This time we also made certain to count how many were going (last year one got left behind on the way back). We arrived with little incident on a field that is also a nice gently sloping hill. While it was partly foggy and slightly cloudy, it was a good time to look at the stars. I wished I had remembered to bring my binoculars and to ascertain the location of Comet Holmes. After looking at the stars and singing for a while, it was midnight and we headed back. Whoever was in the lead wasn’t exactly sure where the better way back was, so we wandered in the wilderness for a bit…circling around 2-3 times. Eventually we arrived back at the house, slightly muddy and with leaves and weeds caught on gloves and coats, but it was a good time nonetheless.


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