Light Up Night

Tonight, I went with some friends to Pittsburgh’s Light Up Night. As we were waiting for some, didn’t arrive downtown till shortly after 8pm. We walked over as parking was likely to be an issue. First stop was at AiP and I ran into one friend who was headed to Station Square, then spent a while conversing with various people I know from school.

Ice Sculptures

Then, as everyone I came over with seemed to have disappeared, I decided to check out the Market Square area and see what all the buzz about Light Up Night was.

Market Square

Apparently, today is the opening of the ice rink in the PPG square along with the formal lighting of the various Christmas trees and lights for the city.

Ice Skating Rink

The evening was to end with fireworks, but I was in the wrong spot to see them. Oh, well. Rachel has a few better pictures. Finally met up with the group again and walked back. Hung out for a while, played Uno, ordered pizza and watched Aladdin (might have been my first time all the way through).

It was a good evening. First time I’ve explored the Light Up Night in the 2-ish years I’ve been in the Pittsburgh area. Possibly would have been a bit more interesting if I’d been there earlier, but that’s all right. There’s always next year.


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