VW Space Up! Interface

I guess I’ll be upgrading to a new car in 2010 or 2011. While I’ve been quite happy with my 1998 VW Jetta TDI, with a console and control interface like that I’d be severely tempted to get a new one. Saw this article on Engadget Friday and forgot to mention it until I was reminded this evening in a conversation.

VW Space Up! blue concept

The interface is so cool. Maybe even cooler than the AeroX concept from Saab. Engadget speculates that Apple might be working with VW to design the interface due to the CoverFlow-like appearance and touch/gesture interaction. VW has also recently announced that new models beginning with 2009 will have touchscreens. Plus, they were redesigning the diesel engine this year so I want to give them a couple years to refine and update it before I get a new one. Engadget has several other photos and links to videos on their article. Slick stuff. At least it doesn’t look like it’s Micro$oft.


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