“Black Friday”

My brother and I snuck over to the only Apple store in Indiana (about a mile from our house) to buy him a black Macbook. We were hoping to take advantage of the advertised/coming sale, be able to walk away with a computer instead of having to get it shipped and avoid the worst of the expected traffic. I heard that some stores such as Kohl’s and JC Penny’s were going to be open around 4-5am?! Crazy. I really feel bad for people who work in retail.

Anywhoo, while the parking lot wasn’t too busy at 8:15, the Apple store was a bit busier than I’ve seen it before. Nonetheless we were in and out in twenty minutes with a shiny black Macbook, a case and AppleCare (it helps to know exactly what you are getting). We didn’t end up utilizing the sale price because the educational price was the same for the system but added savings for AppleCare.

I’d volunteered to work 10-1 at the Children’s Museum and I didn’t want to be late because of being stuck in the store. Even at the Museum, the parking lot wasn’t that full even if it was fairly busy inside. It was good to get a chance to run shows I haven’t done for a long time. Plus being able to catch up with several friends who work there was nice. I’m hoping I’ll find a few others tomorrow after I finish working so I can let them know what I’m up to in my life.


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