3D Pinball

One of my favorite computer games to play just to goof off for a bit is 3D Pinball on Windows XP. While my brother is much, much better than I am, I just ran into some secret codes that unlock a few useful features. Cheats, if you want to call them that. Over on TechRepublic, there is information about five different codes. One for rank (rmax), another for an extra ball (1max), one to activate the Gravity Well (gmax), one for unlimited balls (bmax) and the last that lets you drag the ball around with your mouse (hidden test). Maybe now I can finally beat my brother’s high score?


1 Response to “3D Pinball”

  1. November 27, 2007 at 00:15

    Ok, so, this is exactly how I wasted my first year of college.

    I remember looking up those codes, especially onces having to do with the lights at the very top and the deploy tricks. Sometimes I could get a good flow going with the left flipper, although it seemed to come and go, much to my frustration.

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