• Christmas Expressions 07Last weekend I went home for two reasons. First, to pick up my car as it was repaired, and second to sing in Christmas Expressions at church. It was all sorts of fun. Mostly because I really enjoy singing. There was a smaller crowd than there has been in the past. We’ll probably have to consider doing something different next time. We presented Everlasting Covenant, a look through the covenants listed in the Bible with scripture reading and Psalms.

Graduation from AiP

  • This week, my parents came out to attend my graduation ceremony. This was for my Bachelor’s degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I’d said that if I were still in the area, there wouldn’t be any reason not to be in the ceremony. So I went. It was a good time to catch up with many of my fellow graduates who were just finishing up this quarter as well as those who were done last quarter.
  • On Saturday I moved into a place I’m going to be renting in Millvale. It’s a bit closer to work, but is (like many places here in Pittsburgh) up a rather steep road. Hopefully weather won’t be too bad.

(I started this some time ago, but finally got around to finishing it.)

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