I just finished Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, the PC computer game by Funcom. It’s my favorite kind of game: adventure, puzzles, a bit of combat, interesting and engaging characters, gorgeous and interactive environments and most of all an interesting story. Dreamfall is the sequel to The Longest Journey (which I haven’t yet played and actually don’t remember running across until after I finished Dreamfall). What I found most intriguing about Dreamfall is that it felt like an interactive movie. Sure there were occasional places where it took awhile to figure out the next step, but overall it flowed with conversation and logical events.

The story is of a pretty young woman named Zoe Castillo who is floundering with what to do after having dropped college and broken up with her boyfriend (now just best friend). Starting in the post-apocalyptic, technological world of Stark, Zoe goes on a journey to find her friend across the world and into the parallel magical world of Arcadia and back. One of her only clues is to find and save a person named April Ryan (who is, apparently, the heroine of The Longest Journey). As the story unfolds we get to play mostly Zoe, but also April and a religious assassin named Kain.

Zoe uncovers a plot to control the world through an upcoming release of a product called the Dreamer by the multinational corporation WATIcorp. It seems that this Dreamer would allow dreams to seem as reality, though the person dreaming them has control over what goes on. The problem is that once connected to the Dreamer people’s innermost thoughts and dreams become stolen, or at least stored by the Dreamcore.

Dreamfall has a rather sad ending (I’m not sure if I’ve ever teared up when playing a computer game before), hinting that perhaps Zoe might not have been able to succeed. But nonetheless I really, really liked the game and it was definitely worth having acquired it from Half Price Books. I look forward to finding the original The Longest Journey and keeping my eyes open for a possible continuation of the series.

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